how can a mother not believe in magic?
when she has held it in her womb, pressed it to her breast, loved it into existence?

Most writers have shared their version of the advice ‘write what you know’. I always liked Hemingway, ‘write the truest sentence you know’. Anne Lamott says, ‘Write straight into the emotional center of things’ and Elizabeth Gilbert asks: ‘Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you?’

Since the birth of my son, everything I have written has been from my new perspective – as a Mama. But, of course! My universe has split wide open and at the center of it is my perfect tiger-eyed baby boy.

I knew there must be (so many!) other mamas out there, like me, whose universes had expanded such and would be keen to read reflections that mirror their own mama magic. That’s what I’m musing on most of the time: the incredible, unspeakable MAGIC that is mamahood, and these tiny wondrous beings that we create.

we must not forget our magic.

I wrote this in one of the first poems I penned as a new mama. I felt truly compelled to yell it from mountaintops (my son was born in the mountainous north of Thailand). When and why had we seemed to have forgotten? When birthing babies was, yes, the most natural yet, incredible occurrence, why was the truly miraculous creation part passed over so quickly for life’s trivialities? Why were we so eager to forget the true magic that had happened in the birthing room? Of course, motherhood must also include the worry, the mundane and the difficult. But I found myself musing more frequently on the wonder, the awe and the amazement.

I hope you enjoy these writings. You: mother, sister, grandma, brother, son, father, papa – YOU, whoever you are. You are the wonderful miracle of creation that your mama celebrates.

I am writing this for you.

poems to ignite, unite, inspire and celebrate the magic
of motherhood

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