it’s true what they say
you won’t know this love
until you have one of your own

how can i tell you
the nights i couldn’t sleep
my belly round and full
about to burst
each felt like Christmas Eve

days i sat at my desk
an empty studio
and wrote your name
over and over
and over again

i feel i conjured and whispered
you up out of wishes
magic and dust and
electric blue light
you’re made of music, mountains and the 
breeze, baby

the first night i held you in the hospital
i didn’t sleep
i held you and watched you, transfixed
i felt your breath against my cheek and 
how i breathed life into something so perfect

how you could go from a whisper
a dream
a name scrawled in my notebook
anticipation and wonder
to flesh and bone
spirit and stardust

one day i will tell you in a song
a poem perhaps
i will write you the love i feel
have felt
since the moment i held you in my belly
since the moment i held you in my arms
since the moment you came to be

you are a part of everything
we have never been separate
you came into this world
out of my womb
and it still feels like Christmas

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